Welcome students!

Get to know us

As a study association we want to make progress every year, and since you are the future of our association, you are very important to this progress.
This is why Versot pays a lot of attention to our first year Sociology students. Joining Versot is therefore a very good way to make the most out of your student time in Tilburg.
One of the activities we organise for first year students is the introduction camp that takes place at the beginning of every new year. This weekend has always been a big success and is an excellent opportunity to get to know your classmates, fellow students and the association a little better.
But that’s not all. We also have a committee only for first year students. With this committee, you will organise informal and study related activities meant for all first-years.
If you’re curious about the life of a student Sociology, you can join a student who already studies at the university of Tilburg for a day. For all kinds of questions, you can of course contact us at info@versot.nl

Versot introductory camp

Are you going to study Sociology in Tilburg, and you do not yet know anybody or you’re wondering what it’s like to join a study association? Come and join us at the introduction camp! At every beginning of the year a weekend is organised for all the first year students, where all the new students get the possibility to get to know each other a little better. You will not only meet your fellow first year students, but also some students who have been studying a little longer. This year the introduction camp will take place from the 14th till the 16th of September. It’s a very fun weekend where you, as a first year student, don’t have to do a anything but have a great time. You’ll be taken care of and a lot of fun games are organised for you. There is no initiation taking place!
There are no obligations! You don’t have to be member of Versot to join the introductory camp, and neither do you have to become one when you do.
Do you want to have an awesome weekend where you’ll get to know a lot of new people? Send an email to secretaris@versot.nl that you would like to join us at this introductory camp. It’s only €32 for a fully arranged weekend!

See you in September!