2018-2019 Board

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Lisa Moonen – Chairman

Hiii! My name is Lisa Moonen, I am 20 years old and I will be the chairman of Versot this year. I was born and raised in the beautiful city Kerkrade, in Limburg. I have been living in Tilburg for over a year now and I have started my second year of the bachelor Sociology. This year I will lead the study trip committee, study related activities committee, TSB-platform, LOS, yeadbook committee and the freshers’ committee. If you have any questions or the need for a chat, come and visit the Versot room or send an email to voorzitter@versot.nl

Luanne Dussel – Secretary

Hi everyone! I am Luanne Dussel and I am 19 years old. I was born and raised in the great province Limburg in a small town named Brunssum. Last year I moved to Tilburg and up to this day I do not have any regrets. Shortly I have started my second year of the bachelor Sociologie and am I very excited of my board year! This year I will be the secretary of Versot. Next to this I will take the introductioncamp committee in account and will I organise the Lustrum of Versot together with a committee. Do you have any questions, are you up for a chat or do you want to listen to the best playlist you’ve ever heard? Stop by at the Versot room or send an email to secretaris@versot.nl. See you soon! Or as Limburgers say; adieje!

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Maria – Treasurer

Hi! My name is Maria and with my 23 years old I am the oldest boardmember of Versot. I was born in Tilburg, but have lived in several places ever since. About 5 years ago I started studying social studies in Den Bosch, and last year I started my premasters in sociology. This year I will be the treasurer of Versot and I will coördinate the CORA (Comittee Of Recreational Activities) and the Citytrip. I will also represent Versot at the national organization of sociology students. If you have any questions or want to chat, you are always welcome at the versotroom. You can also email me at penningmeester@versot.nl.

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Tim Paulusse – pr-functionary & vice-chairman

Hi there! My name is Tim Paulusse. I am 21 years of age and i will be the pr-functionary and the vice-chairman of Versot this year. I have lived in Waalre, a small village underneath Eindhoven, my whole life until I finally decided to get a room in Tilburg early 2018. This year I started my second year of the bachelor Sociology. I will lead a couple of committees this year as well, besides my study and my time as a boardmember: Membersweekend committee, promotion committee, aqcuisition committee and the newsletter committee. I will also be a part of the Social Science Career Event Tilburg (SCT) as coördinator on behalf of Versot. I am superexcited for this year and whats to come and I hope that can mean a lot for Versot and for you, the members! If you have any questions, remarks or you’re just looking for somebody to talk to you can see me at the Versot room, or alternatively you can e-mail me on pr@versot.nl. See you soon!